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Implantology & Surgery
  • Classic implantology: Straumann, Nobel Biocare etc. www.straumann.com
  • Minimal invasive implantology: Champions implantats www.mimi-info.de www.champions-implants.com
  • Imtec Mini implants with reduced diameter stabilzing implant and end extension
  • Bone regeneration Socket preservation: preservation of bone after extraction
Pediatric and Adult Orthodontia
  • Tight-fitting and brackets and detachable solutions
  • Invisalign (invisible tooth correction with rack) www.invisalign.de
Parodontology by ultrasonic support
  • Proven and innovative therapy
  • Treatment of Paradontitis by ultrasonic and manual instruments
  • Utilization of powder-water-jet-mix
  • Treatment of fang surface with VECTOR tool
Dental Prostheses & Prosthesis
  • detachable and snug solutions
  • CEREC (CEramic REConstruction)
  • dental cast free technique by the use of latest computer technology for assembly of Inlays
  • crown and pontics made from ceramic
Aestehtic Dentistry
  • Veneers: thin ceramic shells that will attach to the teeth like contact lenses
  • Bleaching: chairside with zoom (proven technique from Beverly Hills, USA). In a couple of hours multiple nuances brighter: www.zoomnow.com.
  • Root canal therapy by the use of magnifier glasses
Snore therapy  
Digital X-Ray  
Conservative Treatment
  • Application of newest adhesive technique and composite material 
  • Gentle treetment preperation and impervious filling protect the pulpa of intrusion of  micro-organism
Pediatric dentistry
  • Sensitive treatment of children by pediatric dentist Nadine Abel
Rack therapy
  • Relief rack, specially NTI Racks
Own praxis lab  
Emergency and Pain Treatment
  • short-notice appointments by dentist Christoph Witzke
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News on dental care, tooth brushes and professional tooth cleaning

Daily dental hygiene is essential whereas the cleaning is of hight significance.

"Not too short but also not too long."2x täglich Zähne putzen

Scientists found that a cleaning procedure of 2 minutes is sufficient. If you clean longer no more plaque will be removed. Rather there is a risk of harming the teethridge or dental enamel.

Apropos Plaque: We speak about plaque if there is a perstisting covering on our teeth that consists of bacteria.Their metabolism product acidity detracts calcium from the teeth and stimulates formation of caries.

Therefore you should clean your denture two or three times each for about 2 minutes. It does not matter if you clean manually or by using a electrical toothbrush.

Our clinic recommends electical toothbrushes.

In most comparative studies electrical toothbrushes showed better cleaning results than by using the manual procedure.

Specially children show deficits in fine motor skills. It was proven that using the manual approach higher pressure to the tooth gauze is applied than by using electrical toothbrushes.

For the cleaning of the interdental spaces dental floss and interdental brushes are remcommended whereas dental floss is challenging in the use and is rarely used in Germany.
Meanwhile the positive effect of anti-mircrobacterial rinse solutions was recognized. It was determined that rinsing solutions can be an alternative to dental floss and can be used for cleaning the tongue as well.

Professional Tooth Cleaning

Professionielle ZahnreinigungIn addition to the dental hygiene at home in our clinic we offer professional tooth cleaning so called PZR that will be done by our specialists. The cleaning is thoroughly and not to be confusd wih the removal of tartar.

A long-time study over 30 years in Sweden showed that a frequent PZR will help protect of caries and for the preservasion of the denture due to prevention of paradontitis.

It is amazing that even the one-time annual cleaning is not covered by the statutory health insurance fund and therefore must be paid by the patient him- or herself . Whether 2 times or 4x a year everybody has to decide for him- or herself. The cost per session is depending on the effort between 75 to 100 € .

White teeth , or what you need to know about teeth whitening


Many patients want brighter or whiter teeth to look more attractive and vital . Today there are a variety of modern techniques for whitening teeth which will be briefly described here.


Basically whitening should solely be done under the control of your dentist. It is not suitable for every patient and it must be clarified by what circumstances the outer discoloration was caused by. Numerous studies indicate that whitening is safe when used properly and with the right preparations  for the teeth and the gums.


The classical method works with individual thermoforming rails and incorporated reservoirs and gels at different concentrations (so-called home bleaching ) . Costs are about 350 Euro and it takes between 4-6 days.


More intense is a brightening with highly concentrated gels, shorter exposure times and light activation. This Chairside Bleaching runs in 3-4 intervals of 15 minutes and costs about 400  to 500 € . We use the Zoom whitening system and the results are amazing. Hello Hollywood !


How bright the teeth can get depends on the individual patient, on the initial position, and the type of stain. We want to inform you right and straighten possible unrealistic ideas and discourage excessive and unnatural brightening .

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Clinic Dr. Jahr, Dentist Mrs. Abel and Dentist Mr. Witzke

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Monday 8 a.m - 6 p.m.  
Tuesday 1 p.m. - 7 p.m.  
Wednesday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.  
Thursday 1 p.m. - 7 p.m.  
Friday 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. afternoon optional
Saturday - optional -  

Please call us by telephone to make an appointment.

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